July 1, 2016, Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, and Ocean Expert Makani Christensen announced today that he is pleased with the most recent poll placing him at 48% in a race with all twelve candidates seeking the U.S. Senate race including the incumbent ( “Clearly the people of Hawaii want someone new and fresh with a clean record of excellence and someone who will put Hawaii first.” 

The people of Hawaii are now asking who is Makani Christensen and why is he running for U.S. Senate? Makani was born and raised on the island of Maui, before his family relocated to Hilo on the Big Island. He attended Kamehameha Schools for his secondary education before heading to Annapolis where he graduated with a BS in Oceanography. Makani is a combat veteran having served two tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served in the intelligence community during his time in the military. After 10 years in the United States Marine Corp he was honorably discharged before he started his successful company, Keawe Adventures. 

Makani wants to be Hawaii’s new U.S. Senator to fight for Hawaii. There is an unbalance allocation of money and Hawaii is not getting our fair share. Makani will fight and advocate that we get what we put out. He has first-hand knowledge of our national security and defense as he was both intelligence and hand-to-hand (on the ground) combat during his time in the military. He’s the only one speaking about the trickle-down effects of Brexit and its impact on Hawaii through Japan. Brexit could directly affect our tourism and trade with Japan as well as tourism from the Continental U.S. He’s outspoken regarding the “Expansion” because he’s dedicated his life to the ocean and has intimate knowledge that there will be absolutely no impact on the reduction of carbon emissions regarding the current legislation that sits on the president’s desk. Makani after all has made his living teaching how the ocean is self-sustaining and that there is little to no impact vessels have in the “p” region. He has formal education in oceanography and has made his living by teaching others about the ocean. 



Makani Christensen