Aug 5th: Endorsement from 3X Olympian & Silver Medalist


July 15, 2016, Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, and Ocean Expert, Makani Christensen announced today that he received an endorsement from Three Time Olympian and Silver Medalist, Bill Schuffenhauer, “My experience with Makani has always been positive. I respect and admire him. I’m confident that he will always place the needs of the people of Hawaii before his own. That is the type of quality leader Makani embodies and Hawaii needs. He risked his life for our great country and I know he will do the same for his home, Hawaii.”

“I am honored and privileged to receive Bill’s support as he does so much for our country as an American Olympic Ambassador. In fact, the International Olympic Committee spent a week with Bill at his home in Utah as they’re preparing a film to be released with the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. I know it must have been a difficult process for the IOC to select a couple Olympians, and Bill represented our great country, USA. Thank you Bill for your support.”

August 1st: Announcing Attendance at Papahanaumokuakea Meeting

August 1st: Announcing Attendance at Papahanaumokuakea Meeting





August 1, 2016 Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, and Ocean Expert, Makani Christensen announced today that he will be attending the first public meeting regarding the expansion of Papahanaumokuakea. As a fisherman and businessman, “I can assure you it will be disastrous for Hawaii and it will drastically impact each family in Hawaii. It will increase the price of fish for the kamaaina, while using the excuse of preserving the species, even though NOAA reported a 5.4% increase in tuna population—the most caught fish in Hawaii.  This places an undue burned on the people of Hawaii.”


Jobs will be lost!  We are already struggling and this is an attack on business and our economy for the sake of an individual’s legacy.   Foreign fleets will fish unregulated from these areas and sell the fish back to the people of Hawaii for a higher price.


I look forward to meeting all you tonight at Filipino Community Center in Waipahu located at 94-428 Mokuola St. #302, Waipahu, HI 96797 beginning at 5P.M. Let our voices be heard.  

July, 1st: New Poll Places Makani at 48%


July 1, 2016, Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, and Ocean Expert Makani Christensen announced today that he is pleased with the most recent poll placing him at 48% in a race with all twelve candidates seeking the U.S. Senate race including the incumbent ( “Clearly the people of Hawaii want someone new and fresh with a clean record of excellence and someone who will put Hawaii first.” 

The people of Hawaii are now asking who is Makani Christensen and why is he running for U.S. Senate? Makani was born and raised on the island of Maui, before his family relocated to Hilo on the Big Island. He attended Kamehameha Schools for his secondary education before heading to Annapolis where he graduated with a BS in Oceanography. Makani is a combat veteran having served two tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He also served in the intelligence community during his time in the military. After 10 years in the United States Marine Corp he was honorably discharged before he started his successful company, Keawe Adventures. 

Makani wants to be Hawaii’s new U.S. Senator to fight for Hawaii. There is an unbalance allocation of money and Hawaii is not getting our fair share. Makani will fight and advocate that we get what we put out. He has first-hand knowledge of our national security and defense as he was both intelligence and hand-to-hand (on the ground) combat during his time in the military. He’s the only one speaking about the trickle-down effects of Brexit and its impact on Hawaii through Japan. Brexit could directly affect our tourism and trade with Japan as well as tourism from the Continental U.S. He’s outspoken regarding the “Expansion” because he’s dedicated his life to the ocean and has intimate knowledge that there will be absolutely no impact on the reduction of carbon emissions regarding the current legislation that sits on the president’s desk. Makani after all has made his living teaching how the ocean is self-sustaining and that there is little to no impact vessels have in the “p” region. He has formal education in oceanography and has made his living by teaching others about the ocean. 



Makani Christensen

June 24th: Brexit Result


June 24, 2016, Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, Ocean Expert, Makani Christensen announced today that he is happy that democracy has been honored in the UK with the majority of its population in England and Wales voting to leave the UK, but feels they have set a difficult path for themselves with Northern Ireland and Scotland voting majority to remain, and the global and regional economic impact all creating a tremendous amount of uncertainty - particularly for its greatest ally, the United States. The path is uncertain, and most likely complicated and lengthy. The precise impact it will have on US-UK, and US-EU relations is another unanswered question, but, in the short term at least - nothing will change. Predominately because the referendum is not legally binding and still requires an Act of Parliament. With Prime Minister David Cameron announcing that he will be stepping down, and a new leader for the Conservative Party, and the country, will step in to manage the Brexit conversation with Europe from October on. The concerns we should primarily be focused on are two-fold: economics - particularly trade with the Asia-Pacific area, and US-UK-EU relations and security measures.

We expected that all markets would be a rollercoaster should the Leave campaign be victorious, and indeed, today's over $2 trillion being wiped off the market supported that concern. Today we are witnessing the, US, European, and Asian markets falling because of the uncertainty of the UK’s transition to being independent of the EU and needing to renegotiate all of its economic and security oriented deals. As of 10AM Hawaii Time, the Dow Jones has closed over 600 points down at 17400 because of all the uncertainty surrounding the UK's exit from the EU and the pound was trading at a 30 year low. This type of uncertainty will continue until the UK’s transition out of the EU is complete, potentially by 2020, or later.

The issue Hawaii faces is how this impacts trade with both American and Asian economies. The trade between EU, the U.S., and Asia combined is about 48-55%, and we will not know how trade will be impacted for possible several years, as the negotiations for the exit will take a minimum of two, as set forth in Article 50. For example, Japan makes up about 8% of the Asian trade with the EU, but they have a shrinking and aging population, with huge government debt. How will this impact Hawaii’s tourism industry? Simply put, we don’t know how the Brexit will impact Hawaii’s economy until the effects of Brexit are seen in Japan’s economy.

Security is another issue of concern for Hawaii through the US relationship with the UK and the EU. While the UK has always maintained an independent military and intelligence community from the EU, the common links did foster a strong relationship with such nations as France and Germany, as well as Spain, Italy and Greece in dealing with Europe wide security matters, as well as global security issues. The separation of the UK from the EU will have an impact on that collaboration, however, it is unlikely that the US-UK intelligence sharing will be impacted in terms of cooperation, but the information may not be what it once was if EU members are unwilling to share with the UK what they once did more openly and then the UK passing it on to there American brethren.

The global impact of Brexit is raising concern, as it should, because there are so many unknown variables. My concern is the separation of the UK from the EU will have a dramatic impact on the US economy, intelligence sharing, and military coordination - all of which have a trickle down effect to us here in Hawaii. The effects of the Brexit will not be felt immediately here, but the very real concern about how trade with Asia will be affected is very real for us, because costs there could reduce our tourism, which makes up 21% of Hawaii’s economy and military assets could suffer as well as a result of reprioritization. Hawaii cannot afford to reduce our tourism, or military, as those two industries provide a stabilizing economy. Brexit has yet to determine if it will be a good or bad lasting impact on the world, but for now, while there are no immediate effects for us, I will be keeping an eye on it because what affects one portion of our economy, no matter how remote, could affect it all.


Makani Christensen

June 17th: Papahanaumokuakea


June 17, 2016, Honolulu, HI—Locally Grown, Combat Veteran, Business Owner, Ocean Expert Makani Christensen announced today that Senator Brian Schatz’s letter to the President, asking to expand the Papahānaumokuākea Monument from 50 miles to 200 miles is absurdly wrong and will be costly and pointless and is not necessary. 

With critical issues facing Hawai‘i such as the rail transit system and homelessness, then why are we putting an extra burden on our fisherman and Hawaii?  Hawaii is the most isolated place on earth and as a result, we have a unique way of living that need to be protected.  Our people have livelihoods that rely on the oceans and they want to pass this legacy onto their children, Not to the legacy of one person or a group disconnect to its people and our way of life.   We deserve the right to evidence based policy to ensure a fair and democratic process when it comes down to the balance of people and the environment.  

Our fishermen are among the major fresh food producers for Hawai‘i, with about 80% of the catch consumed in our local communities. Environmental impact statements and long-term studies by many state and federal biologists have already shown how the existing monument provides all the necessary protections for endangered birds, marine mammals and turtles. An expansion of the monument would reach far beyond the range of these precious creatures, will not provide additional protection, and will exclude our own fishing fleet from what is left of Hawaii’s Exclusive Economic Zone.

If the monument is increased to what would be an area larger than Washington, Oregon and California combined, our fishermen will be forced to compete with massive foreign fishing fleets which do not follow the kind of strict accountability as our longline fishers. These same foreign fleets are responsible for taking 98.4% of the bigeye tuna in the Pacific. The 1.6% of the tuna stock harvested by the families who own and operate these boats each year seems insignificant compared to the total international catch, but it’s critically important to our efforts to be more self-sufficient.

Expansion of the monument will not protect our oceans from climate change, and has not prevented coral bleaching observed in areas that have been closed for a decade. Deep sea mining is something that can be prohibited without shutting down our waters to fishing. When it comes to culture, the monument has actually inhibited most cultural practices by severely curtailing access.

To claim the creation of the largest marine sanctuary on Earth for the sake of building a legacy sounds noble. But it does not really provide the protections some have claimed. It’s not supported by long-term studies by the people who know the area best. And it comes with a price that is paid by everyone in Hawai’i who depend upon the few natural, sustainable resources the sea provides.



Makani Christensen