Defense Spending

In order to provide for Hawaii's security and a safe place for visitors to enjoy their vacation, Hawaii needs to obtain more money for defense spending, not less. Additional inflow of federal funds for defense spending and federal grants will help Hawaii's economy, which in turn will help Hawaii's residents.


There are many disappointments with our government that have caused distrust among citizens over the years, understandably. However, many don’t realize we are still at war. Although downplayed, there are still threats to our nation and Hawaii is not an exception to this. Therefore, we need be realistic in strengthening our military, airports, public transportation and facilities and take the necessary steps to prevent threats of bombings, killings, and shootings that now occur more frequently throughout our nation and overseas. 

Due to its location in the middle of the Pacific, Hawaii is a prime target, and Hawaii must be made secure from harm for both residents and tourists alike. Hawaii must be prepared.