Hunting, Farming & Fishing Association

Also known as HFFA, Makani started this non-profit in the Spring of 2015. As noted at, its mission is: "To protect and promote the freedom of hunting, farming, and fishing in Hawaii, through education, collaboration, and advocacy." Concerned with the growing strain on those providing agriculture of both land and sea, Makani addressed the lack of protection for this industry by giving them a support system, connecting them together across all islands, in shared search for solutions. 

HFFA recently participated in the Democratic Party of Hawaii's 2016 Biennial Convention held at the Sheraton Waikiki. HFFA hosted a suite, as well as a booth, in hopes of bringing awareness to the public of Hawaii's many different food providers, their needs to survive as providers, and their methods to cope. 

Find Our Marines

On Jan. 14, 2016, twelve Marines went missing in the devastating crash of two U.S. Marine helicopters during their night training. As the crash occurred on Oahu's rugged coastline of the North Shore, the bodies and any pertaining evidence were lost. After a week of officials searching without success, officials declared the missing dead, despite the hopes of family and community members. Makani, understanding the need for closure, organized a community search party within 3 days. On January 23rd, over 300 volunteers joined in the efforts to find any remains of the crash and gave respects at the blessing performed. More can be found on the project's FaceBook Page.

"Being a former Marine, I have a duty to serve my country and protect my fellow men. No man left behind...that could have been me. I wouldn't want my family to suffer wondering what happened to me."

- Makani


Honolulu Community Action Program

HCAP was one of the first major community non-profits that Makani embraced to volunteer his time and efforts. As defined on their website,, HCAP provides a variety of programs to "alleviate the social, emotional and economic stress so often associated with poverty."

Makani, knowing the financial struggles and hardships from his own childhood, admired the impact that HCAP carries, especially for its ability to uplift disadvantaged youth. In 2012, he raised over $10,000 in funding for HCAP and sponsored some of their events such as the Head Start Keiki Fun Run which drew in over 2000 children, parents and teachers. 

"I saw so much of myself in them, these kids. Starting with setbacks so young and without external support, it can seem hopeless. We need to give them direction, willpower and hope. HCAP brings them hope."

- Makani

Aha Moku

The Aha Moku is an advisory committee serving the Department of Land and Natural Resources. Asked to join this committee, Makani serves as the Oahu Chair for the Moku o Oahu, Moku O Kakuhihewa. Makani, along with the rest of the Aha Moku Council, provides sensitive consideration to the traditional Hawaiian system of the land and ocean resource concept of `ahupua`a. More can be found at

"I wanted to help the Hawaiian people come together and hear each other instead of divide each other. I hope for all of Hawaii to have a voice. That's why I said yes."

- Makani