Owner of Keawe Adventures

After an honorable discharge from his service and combat tours, Makani renewed his love of Hawaii and his passion, the sea. With a new perspective on life, Makani followed his heart, determined to make a living in the islands, while sharing the islands' beauty and Hawaiian culture with others. Starting on the streets of Waikiki handing out brochures, he soon opened the company, Keawe Adventures, a private-tour-guide service specializing in fishing, surfing, and cultural tours. From a one-man-show in 2008, Keawe Adventures now employs seven tour guides year-round, providing high-end tours on each of Hawaii's four major islands. Keawe Adventures has served celebrities, international royalty, CEOs, visiting families from the mainland and elsewhere, and even kamaaina looking to learn a fishing trick or two.

More at: www.keaweadventures.com


Consulting & Contracting

In addition to his tour business, Makani has been sought out for advice, project supervision, and collaborations from multiple companies and individuals alike. He has provided expertise as a professional fisherman, and has conducted scientific fish studies. He has educated and advised state legislators on matters pertaining to sustainability, the environment, and farming, fishing, and hunting for a number of years. He has been guest speaker for the Chamber of Commerce regarding hunting, farming, and fishing, and has spoken at our local universities and public schools regarding starting a small business. His charisma has even secured him numerous commercial spots in advertising for prominent Hawaii businesses. His ability to negotiate and secure contracts is due to his value in relationships, and his attentiveness to people and their needs.